Friday, September 18, 2009

Last days of summer

Well, Summer is almost over, and I am not ready to give up my warm sunny days with Gavin. I am hoping with the cooler Fall weather, I will be more disciplined with my felting, sewing, and other crafting. It is too easy for me to be distracted when the weather is great.
Like this morning, Gavin and I went for a walk and when we came home, I decided to work in our planter beds. As I was haphazardly chopping down all the milkweed that has taken over the main planter in front of the house, I noticed these gorgeous monarch caterpillars.
There were tons of them, in various sizes. Milkweed are the only leaves these caterpillars eat, which I found out after googling fat yellow and black caterpillars. Immediately I stopped destroying their habitat and grabbed the camera.
I am not much of a photographer, and cannot for the life of me figure out what all the settings are for. But I think I managed to capture these guys pretty well.

I also took a couple of pics of my Zinnia bush. I love this plant, it never ever seems to stop blooming when the weather is hot and sunny.

There are still tons of buds, waiting to burt forth into these fabulous hot pink flowers.

The the planters look nice, except for 4, tall half-eaten milkweed bushes. Can't wait for the butterflies!
Hopefully I will focus once the weather cools down, and the outdoors won't be so tempting.


  1. For a second I thought that the little Caterpillar was felted by you!!

    LOVE your shop!

  2. lol, that is not a bad idea! He would look cute all felted and fuzzy :)

  3. how cool! the photos look really good. Did they turn into butterflies yet?

    You know I love Zinnias. Lucky!