Friday, September 25, 2009

Shameles Acts of Nepotism

Okay, I haven’t posted much on this blog. I admit that I am easily distracted, and a tad lazy when it comes to trying to write a post. I am lured by the siren call of Etsy, Artfire, eBay, Twitter, flickr, blogspot, ….oh, I could go on and on. Before you know it, Gavin is awake, and my quiet time is over.

So, I decided today I will share some of my favorite items from my most favorite Etsy sellers of all time..….my family!

My sister Laurs, of Bee Mice Elf, has the most gorgeous handpainted fiber and handspun yarns ever. I get all my fiber from her, it is wonderful to work with. She has quite the following and many happy customers.

C-thru Merino Silk

Playa Superfine Merino

Pulverize Superwash Yarn

Please visit her Etsy shop, beemiceelf, to see more of her lovely items.

My mom, Pat, Lyrical Lady, makes wonderful glass tile pendants featuring your favorite song lyrics. She specializes in classic rock artists like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and many others. She also does custom orders, so you can request pretty much anything.

Please visit her shop at Lyrical Lady.

Jemma of UrbanSplat is an art history major and my daughter. She creates works of art from many mediums, including ceramics, mixed media, paintings, sketches, fabric, and many more.

This Cyclops Girls sculpture is adorable!

Visit her shop at UrbanSplat

Jemzy offers fabulous vintage finds and handmade items. I love these red pumps, they are perfect.
This turtle is also seriously cute!

You can find these shoes, turtle planter and others at jemzy.
As you can see, there are quite a few talented ladies in my family. I wish all of them continued success and lots of happiness :)