Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phew, my new craft room, finally

I was lying in bed the other night, exhausted, but my brain was doing 100mph in a 25mhp zone. As always, visions of fiber, fabric, paper, glue, etc were showing me all the ways I could manipulate them into works of art. But, I needed to re-do my work area. I am sick of having all my junk strewn across the kitchen island, counters, and dining table. And the work area I had in the basement was dark, cramped and kind of creepy and lonely.

So I woke up in the morning, took Zach to school, got Gavin ready for the day, and proceeded to destroy my laundry room, guest room and garage.

After a few hours of moving tables, chairs, and many, many plastic tubs of supplies, up and down the stairs (I live in a 1970’s multi-level home, it was exhausting) all while trying to supervise a toddler, I have a new craft room..........

sort of.....

And I am excited, oh the wonderful and amazing things I shall create in a nice, well light and sunny room, with an entire closet stocked full of shelves of supplies.

Of course the queen-sized bed is still in the room, and all the boxes of crap are still under the bed, and the room is tiny, but most of my stuff is in one area now. I still have lots of fabric and misc sewing and crafting stuff filling the shelves in the utility room in the basement.

Unfortunately, Gavin has decided he loves the new craft/guest bedroom too. It is fun to climb the bed, then use that to climb onto mommy’s work table and get into all her stuff, non-stop. It is now an obsession with him. I seriously cannot sit at the table and sew, or craft or work on anything without him insisting he grab it and throw it. It is fun trying to sew while a 16 month old tries to grab the fabric.... And he is hard-headed and stubborn. He was relentless, nothing could deter him from climbing on my table.

And of course, I had some etsy orders to fill as well as several eBay items I had to get ready to ship. And wouldn’t you know it, he refused to take a nap yesterday. I had it all worked out in my head. He would nap in the sunshine spilling onto the big, comfy bed from the window, while I contentedly created away at the table next to him.

Well, he finally lost his battle with Mister Sleep at 10:30 last night, way too late for a stubborn 16 month old to be up! I am sure he did it only because I was excited about taking my new craft room for a test run. Kids, what can you do.

Oh, and I did manage to get my work done, at the kichen table, as always…

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